Do I need digitization and if yes, why?

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Digitization has become part of our lifestyle. We cannot take a day without our computer with us, because it’s the only device that will enable you to check your emails, do conference call with your workmates throughSkype, share files through Dropbox, update social media accounts and the like.  Digitization has made things easier for us with just a click of a mouse. But do we really need it when we can go back to the old good days where we rely on snail mails, directly communicate with people you meet and hold live conference meetings? Do we really need to be digitized? Well the answer can either be yes or no. Let’s find out below…

Let’s first define what digitization really means 

Digitization is the conversion of the analog signals into digital forms that can be read and interpreted by computer or by any electronic devices. It is the process of translating binary codes into texts, images, journals, voices and sounds.

Digitization is normally done through sensors, where light and sound (the sense analog signals) will transform to their digital forms through a digital converter chip.

The Continuous Leap of Digitization 

The movement of digitalization is rapidly accelerating. It took US and UK nearly four years to transition from the emerging of digitization. Now UAE and Kuwait are also in its transition stage.  Emerging countries like UAE and Kuwait are now following the path of the highly-developed countries. The trend of digitization has stemmed because of the convenience and affordability of digital technology and skills.

Benefits of Digitization

Many business owners are thankful for digitization because it has smoothened their business process in many ways. Among the benefits of digitization are the following:

  • Develop efficient and excellent business process 

Re-engineering of old processes may be made easier through digitization. Through a structured workflow run by digital devices and computers, information will be conveyed effectively and unmistakably.

  • Assimilate with Digital Structures and Systems 

Integrating records and an existing business systems will become easier and faster through digital methods. This will be more convenient for an accounting staff since it will give them a more accurate and timely records of business transactions.

  • Simplifies Knowledge Sharing 

Before we use share folder structures for the information to be available and accessible by other people. With Digitalization, accessing files is no longer a headache. Through cloud storage and networks, files can now be disseminated and shared by multiple users quickly. This adds efficiency to the work process.  Without digitization, imagine the hassle and the delay if you need to transfer data from your US office to your headquarter in UAE.

  • Saves you a lot of $$$ 

Digitization doesn’t only saves you time; it also reduces storage and management expenses. On the paper print days, you have to pay for the reproduction of the documents, with digitization; you can replicate the copies as much as you want without paying paper printing.


Do we really need it? 

Yes, digitization offers endless opportunities to businesses. However, the question is: Do I really need it for my business? Is it something I badly need at the moment? Will it become an asset, rather than a liability? Would my money be better spent for something more important?

Well the answer actually depends on your needs and your capacity to pay for its cost. Furthermore, don’t just think of how costly it is. Evaluate what it can do to your business and the advantages you can get out of it. If it meets your requirements and will benefit your business at large, then go. If not, then maybe you need to look for other alternatives to streamline your business process.

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